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Act Requirements

Question 1: How much Space do you have? Minimum Area needed is 30' Wide x 30’ Long x 22’ High '


Question 2. Is it Indoors or outdoors? ☐Indoors !


a). How High is the Ceiling?! _______________ (22’ minimum for Elevated globe)

b). I need a 8' bay door to get the equipment in. Double doors are not wide enough.  If Not (Site Survey Photos needed) !

c). What is the flooring? ☐ Wood ☐ Concrete ☐ Carpet ☐ Marble or ☐ Other?

d). ☐ Is the Building Manager aware we will be in there?! (Some Agents book it assuming that the Location has OK’d the Globe inside their building.)

e). Is there ☐ ground access or is it a ☐ loading dock?!

f). ☐ Are there 02 Sensors in the building? Ask Building manager. ☐Outdoors !

a). Is the area Level? ☐ Yes ☐ No (Must be a Level Surface) !

b). Is the surface ☐ Grass ☐ Dirt ☐ Rock ☐ Concrete or ☐ Other? !

c). Did you check the weather forecast? We don't ride in RAIN, SNOW, TORNADOS, HURRICANES or High Moisture (DEW) !!


Question 3. How much space does the "Globe of Death" act NEED?

We actually have 2 Different style globes! One is elevated (in the Air) and the other one is on the ground.

The Globe is Actually 14' 6" in Diameter (Big/ Round) the Legs that extend out are called OUTRIGGERS (these legs are used to keep the Globe from tipping over) the legs have leveling mounts (adjustable feet) so the balance is fine tuned so the globe will not move very much. The Top of the Globe is 19' 6" Max (ELEVATED GLOBE) This is the Final Performance Height.


We need a Minimum of 30' x 30' area in order to get in and out of the Globe during the performance.


Question: 4. How Tall is the Globe?

Height: 22' (feet high) Elevated Globe (This Height is needed to assemble the Globe)


16' (feet) Grounded Globe Height !  


!Foot Print: Area in which the "Globe of Death" Support poles span in width. 18' x 18' !Weight: 4600 lbs.


Question: 5. How Long Does it take to Set up? Set -up time between 3- 4 hours, the Tear Down time is between 3-4 hours as well.


Question: 6. What kind of Electrical requirements does the Globe Need? 110 VAC electric necessary to run the Lights (evening shows) and P.A. System Minimum 15 amp (20 Amp Circuit is better... but not always available) 110 VAC (regular electrical outlets are required for P.A. System) We have our own P.A. System and our performance lighting. If there is not electric available, then a generator 5000 watts will need to be supplied by the Event Host. No Night performances will be performed with out electric.(no exceptions). Our Lights are: Source Four PARs 750 watts each! x4 of them.


Question 7. Does the truck and trailer need to be close?!! If YES... then that is great...if not, let us know. Direct Access to the Truck and trailer near the performance area is appreciated. NOTE: if the truck and trailer is ticketed in a Parking Lot that we were told to park in...then the Event Promoter/agent shall be responsible to pay the ticket or reimbursement thereof. (i.e. Anaheim Convention Center!)


Question 8. Do you need a crane to assemble the globe? NO... BUT...if the equipment needs to be lifted up/ crane/ forklift or other to be placed on a stage...the Organizer, producer, agent must disclose where the globe will be set up...Promoter must furnish a forklift for the Load out


Question 9. Do the riders and Stunt girl (if present) Need a dressing area? YES... please have an area.. Not a bathroom! (Possibly pipe and drape) or a convention room... anything. We perform a LIVE STUNT SHOW...


Question 10. Early Morning Promotions (i.e Radio or Television spot) Can the Globe riders/ Stunt girl be available to do them? YES... BUT... ONLY ON THE PERFORMANCE DAYS...and NO we cannot set up the Globe at the RADIO/TELVISION STUDIO!


Question 11. Can We train the "HEADLINER" how to ride the Globe for the EVENT... NO...It takes 2 years to learn... seriously... people ALWAYS ask this... We will bring a bicycle and they can try it...We do offer a “Switch-a-Rooni” where we dress the Host in a similar costume as our riders and then switch them out when the riders exit the globe... it appears as if the Host was an actual rider.


Question 12. Do you need rehearsal time before the Act? Yes we would like to take a practice run in order to set the outrigger legs for minimum movement.


Question 13. Do we need a forklift to assist in assembling the globe? No.. we only need it to Load the globe back on the trailer after the Load Out/Tear Down.


Question 14. Do we need a fire extinguisher onsite during the act? YES…!


Question 15. Does the Client provide the Hotel rooms for the Act? Yes...! The agent will make the arraignments Hotel rooms will be needed from the Load in day thru the morning after the final performance. (Only if this event is not in Las Vegas)

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