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Agent Broker Information

Agent and Broker Commissions: If you are going to AGENT ME..     It will be a "Buy and Sell"


GOLDEN RULE here at If you hired another Globe act (Competitor) and THEY sent me to fill THEIR spot...(Because they may have double booked or broke down on the way to the event) and you wish to Hire me Directly NEXT time... you must go thru the Globe act that you orginally hired in order to use me again. This is a professional courtesy that I strictly enforce. 


Competitive Agent Award

If 10 Agents are competing on a contract issued by a producer.. the one who lands the DEAL and brings me the contract gets the Commission/Right to sign me... Don't be a sour agent and come to me and say..." I pushed and marketed you to that producer for 2 years... you owe me a commision...(although they Did Not land the contract)


So the honor goes to the Contract recipient... Common sense huh? No...! some agents get butt hurt because they didn't get the contract and now its my responsibility to compensate them for being a bad salesperson?

NOPE! It has happened more than once...believe me...




If my Web Site says $5,500.00 for 2 Bikes! That is what comes to me! YOU MUST ADD your Commission on TOP of my Prices...I DO NOT PAY COMMISSIONS!


IF you FAIL to ADD your COMMISSION on TOP and the Check comes for the AMOUNT shown on this site! YOU LOSE OUT!


Just say Thank you to all of the previous Crappy Agents that have taken me for alot of $$$!


Deposit Policy:  Corporate Events, Dealership Shows, Stunt Shows, Rallys, Partys (ALL), Grand Openings and any event that is Less than a week long. A 50% DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED! NO EXCEPTIONS. All AGENT MONIES will be taken out of the Remaining 50% deposit! (I had an agent take thier entire commission right off the top! This makes it difficult to have the extra funds in the event we breakdown on the way!)




If you are producing a Motorcycle Event or Rally for the First time (First Annual)...we REQUIRE a 75% Deposit! No Exceptions. I Know it is difficult... but I have been burned 3 times on 1st Annual events! Sorry!


Traditional Circus Policy       I DO NOT PERFORM in TRADITIONAL American CIRCUS!


I am not equipped to go on the road and live the "Circus" life. My riders and equipment is set up for a Corporate environment or Event dates. I have a list of "Globe Acts" that do perform in Traditional Circus's (Please ask)


Cirque Du Soliel type of Show Productions are welcome. please Inquire.


Agents please don't Even Try to Talk my Prices down! If the budget is a couple hundred less than my price...maybe... but you have to be willing to lower your percent as well...


ABSOLUTELY NO BRO DEALS!!!!!!!!!!! ( Marty's policy)... This is an act for hire. 


I Am to RECIEVE 50% deposit down! and a check for the balance before the last performance of the final day...Do your job and make it happen...or I will not work with you again. I have to pay my guys, insurance and travel... If there are special circumstances related to payment...please advise me of the options. If you have any questions please feel free to email me... if you are unsure of a policy.. just click here and I will email you right back with a sollution or answer.


This section sounds course.. I know.. But trust me, there have been WAY too many shiesters who waste my time and thier own.


Thank you,  John Stotts

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