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Booking Information

Just read below and it will guide you on what to do next!


First of all.. Welcome to


I built this website so everyone could understand it... navigate it... and get all of your questions answered... Are you ready?


Ok.. This is how you start.


1. Click on the Event Calendar Link (On the Left) to see if your Event Date is Available.


2. if it is... then click on "Event Pricing" (also on your left)... a MAP of the USA will appear... and you will have to click on your STATE (where your event is being held)


3. A price guide will appear.. and you will have to choose how many motorcyclist you want to perform all at once inside the globe...

a.) have you had a globe act before at your event? if yes: then you will want to have 1 more cyclist inside the globe during your event this year... because your guests will be more attracted to your event... if they know there will be more danger added this year! (oh yeah.. this simple logic keeps us in business)if no: then you will want to start with only 2 motorcyclist inside the globe for this event.. and next year we will come back and perform with 3 motorcyclists inside the globe. or.. 2 bikes and add a Stunt girl...Now... you have the Availability, Price and How Many Bikes you need answered... Now you need to know " What is included in the price?"


4. Click On "Act Description"... this will tell you what is included in the price... if you need an INTERNATIONAL performance (NO TALKING or MICROPHONE ACT) please let me know... this is for a Corporate event or Show in another country... But.. a "standard event" or performance for us is a very "Family Standard" Performance... with a P.A. System and NO Foul Language or questionable music...


5. Who will Issue an "EVENT Contract"? Once you verify that your Event Date is available... and the number of bikes you want for your event and you understand the Hotel Policy (Below)... You will contact me thru this website and I will send you a "Secure LOGIN Name and Password" You will Login into the MEDIA PAGE and Download the EVENT Contract (MicroSoft WORD). Once you have downloaded the EVENT Contract.. you will fill it out and email it back to me... change the File name to your event name... then send it back to me...


6. "Deposit Policy"... please click on Agent/Broker Commision Policies.. this will give you the information.When it comes time to send a deposit and the Contract is signed... the only thing we will need to do is get the Insurance waiver in order.


7. Insurance: We offer 1 Million Dollar Spectator Liability Insurance for your guests...You will click on the Insurance Information Link and this will have a Form on it.. Fill it out with the Names of the additionally insurred and click SUBMIT... it goes to my insurance agent and she will fax the appropriate copies back to you...its that easy!


8. "Hotel Booking Policy" Please click on that link to get all of the appropriate information...These are the Basics and from here... you should be able to figure the rest out...


if not just Contact Me...

Thank you,  John Stotts

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