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Hotel Booking Policy

The Hotel Booking Policy is based on many variables so please look through following and understand how it works. Thank you.


If the Event is performed in Las Vegas there will be NO Hotel required.

We are a Las Vegas based Motorcycle Stunt act and the majority of our crew and Riders reside here in Las Vegas.

This is a Las Vegas Based Event

 This is NOT a Las Vegas Based EventReason IS:   So... We drive and drive and drive...sometimes 20-36 hours straight to get to your event. Ok... just being in the truck that long makes you crazy... sore, stiff and agree? How do you feel driving all night and only sleeping a max of 4 hours at a time? Us too!


We have a couple of Respectable Requirements:   Hotel Requirements:


☐ 1. A Hotel with Internet! Why? (Trust me… there are still places on EARTH that do not have INTERNET. The client tries to save as much money as possible and sometimes trusts Expedia or Priceline for the Best price… Sometimes in Remote areas there is Limited or NO internet)


☐ 2. Please Don't put us 40 miles away from the event just to save money..!!! because we will charge you $1.00 a mile for every mile over 25 Miles from the event. Unfortunately time is money and this has happened on too many occasions. It is your responsibility to keep us as close as possible (when possible).


☐3. Minimum Quality MOTEL 6 (you know... We will Leave the Light On) Since you are paying for the Hotel, please find a hotel that maintains our quality of life. We are your Entertainers. If the Hotel is the Event Sponsor please let us know.


☐4. Incidentals: We will put our own Credit Card up for Incidentals. We are not Rock Stars... so if something happens at the Hotel... it is our Credit Card ...Not Yours!


☐ 5. Stunt Girl: If the optional Stunt Girl is hired. She will need her own room. She has a Moral clause in the Globe Rider talent contract.


☐ 6. NO SMOKING ROOMS. We will have 3 riders and a door guy.


☐ 7. Client must Pay for PARKING if there are Local Parking Fees (like NYC, Chicago, Philly, Los Angeles, or at the Event Center like Anaheim Convention Center)


Standard Protocol for

Arrive the night before the Set up day 11:00pm... Set up Day....Performance Day.....Performance Day....Performance Day.....Check Out


 9:00am      Early Check IN REQUIRED

12:00 or 1:00pm LATE Check OUT REQUIRED


 2 Bikes ---1 Room/Double Occupancy


 3 Bikes ---2 Room/Double Occupancy


 Stunt Girl---Extra Room Required


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