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John Stotts

John Stotts was raised in Las Vegas and had the opportunity at the age of 16 to perform in a Las Vegas Production Show where he rode his BMX freestyle bicycle on stage nightly in a topless review. This is where it all started… When it comes to 2 wheels, John was able to do incredible stunts and tricks that were entertaining enough to land him in stunt shows around the world as well. He was introduced to the “Globe of Death” motorcycle act in 1986 in a stage show on the Las Vegas Strip, he was amazed by the riding and the absolute insanity that was before him. The owners of the act came from Brazil and would not allow him to go inside the globe, so when they were not present John and his other rider friends would sneak inside and ride their bicycles around inside the giant steel ball. Ironically in 1990 the Brazilian globe act decided that they needed to teach new riders and since they were always doing the same stunt shows with the Brazilians, they were the obvious candidates to learn the globe… so the process began.John went on to travel all over the world doing the globe and BMX until 1994 where he was placed in a casino production show in Reno Nevada for 3 years where he fine tuned his management and marketing skills in order to get future shows lined up. During his 3 years in Reno, John was taught how to weld and do extensive repairs and construction on the globe securing a future for him as an asset to the company. In 1997 he made the decision to build a globe of his own, the expense of doing this act was more difficult than he had planned. Within a month during the construction of the globe a production company from Beverly Hills contracted John to perform in a production show in Myrtle Beach S. Carolina. Since 1997 the Fusion Riders: “Globe of Death” has entertained millions of spectator’s world wide and has been even seen on video games, monster truck shows and live on stage in Las Vegas. The globe is not just a profession to John; it is his passion…In his spare time John likes to build, design and construct stage props and other eccentric items for the Las Vegas theatrical world… Please Visit

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