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Sabrina Russo

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Sabrina Russo is a one of a kind performer who has the ability to incorporate the hula hoop like no other.

Sabrina Russo didn't begin as a master Hula-Hoop performer, she grew into that skill. The enchanting charm and grace of Sabrina began being shaped at a very early age.

A child of Italian parents - she was born in Switzerland and already at the tender age of three years began her career as a classical ballet dancer. She was distinguished with numerous prizes and won a scholarship to the London Dance Academy at age 14.

She actually began as a ballerina. At the age of 17 years, she received an engagement in the ensemble of the English National Ballet and danced as the "Youngest Swan" in the biggest Swan Lake production at the Royal Albert Hall Theater for the British Royal family.

Sabrina extended her classical ballet and artistic skills to a unique dance with hula-hoop rings.

She combines her elegant Hula Hoop act with a sensual performance while seamlessly changing costumes throughout the stage presentation.

Her artistic skills, beauty, and charm will definitely entertain and leave one yearning for more.

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