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Safety Protocols

First of All... Remember this is A LIVE Motorcycle Demonstration. It includes Motorcycles and going Up-Side Down! Thanks to Centrifugal Force the Riders Stick to the inside of the Steel Globe. But when things go wrong (and sometimes do) we have our Emergency and Safety Protocols ready!


1. A Certified Fire Extinguisher needs to be provided by the Hostprior to the First Performance or Rehearsal! and in the event you are in a Facility or convention hall please request a "Fire Watch" person from the event coordinator.


2. The "Door Guy" who opens and closed our Door of the Globe shall have the Fire Extinguisher within 10' linear feet from the Actual Door of the Globe at all times!

3. The Fire Dept. Needs to be Notified if there will be any Indoor performances so they are aware that a CO2 sensor could go off durring the Scheduled Performance. (This Sensor has NEVER been triggered durring any performance in the Last 17 years while I have been present) But should be respected in any event.


4. The Door guy shall be responsible to call 911 in the event of an accident, He has the experience and knowledge to open the door and can access the injuries.


5. No Guest shall be allowed to go inside the globe with out direct verification from the Event Host or Sponsor unless previously contracted.


6. NO ALCOHOL or Illegal Drugs shall be present in the "GLOBE Performance AREA" at any EVENT! Ever!


7. No Liquids, Drinks, Oils or Paint shall be taken inside the globe before any performance.


8. Crowd Control Barriers, Cattle Gates or Bicycle Racks (whatever you call them) should be put in place at any event. If these crowd control barriers are not available; then Caution tape should be put around the globe Performance Area prior to the first rehearsal.


9.Fuel Over-Flow Canisters are to be installed and Used for all Indoor Events. 

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